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About Me

As a mental health counselor and competitive athlete, I combine psychotherapy and physical movements to help people deal with their issues and feel empowered. 

Research has shown how this crucial connection can be the key to resolving emotional issues, anxiety and other self esteem concerns. People who suffer emotionally and and physically commonly feel weak, lost and low.


Helping one feel empowered is the important goal and this happens through careful understanding, warmth and strength.


Movement and Active Psychology is using the natural feel good state-of-mind of exercise or movements as a means to apply regular physiological interventions. 


In addition to this combination, research has also shown how exercise can be used to create greater control over anxiety issues. By carefully using the addition of exercise, I can help someone with anxiety learn to manage and eventually control impulses so as to diminish and extricate these unwanted feelings.         


My techniques have been especially helpful to teens and young adults. It is common for many teens to feel out of place, have low self esteem, and feel out of control. My therapy gives them the important listening ear and mental health counseling while also offering them a feeling of physical strength and accomplishment. Rising and overcoming physical challenges while connecting them to emotional issues changes how they view themselves and the world.

About Michael: I am a Psychotherapist who also races obstacle courses (OCR) competitively through Spartan Obstacle Course Racing. I have also completed many marathons along with Ninja Courses. This year, I will competing in a national forum. 


I find obstacle course racing a metaphor for life; there’s no one single path with many challenges along the way. Our bodies and minds are best when they feel ready to shift and meet the different issues of our lives. Traditional psychotherapy is useful, but adding to it the benefits of exercise and strength training creates an even greater inner strength and feeling of being well prepared for life’s challenges.


In addition to meeting people in my office on Miami Beach, I have successfully provided therapy online through Skype/FaceTime as well as traveled to meet my clients in their location. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss how I can be of help.

Click Here to learn more about Active Psychology, a method I use common.

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