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Understanding How Movement and Active Psychology is Applied:​

Research has shown that exercising/moving your body boosts one’s mood, concentration, cognition, confidence while decreasing anxiety and depression.


The ability to deal with one’s emotions through traditional psychotherapies while boosting confidence during sport activities is effective in activating long term change in your wellbeing. 

In today’s day and age, medication and anti-depressants are rampant. People try to manage their anxiety and depression through drugs and stimulation, escaping through video games and other addictive behaviors. Although medication is necessary at times, research has shown that the body itself can have incredible healing abilities. 


For example, during exercise, the body releases Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and endorphins, making a person feel good. Dopamine rushes are also common when one is playing sports. Once the workout or sport ends, you lose the chance to discuss topics while your body is stimulated with these natural chemicals. MAP Therapy takes advantage of the body’s natural chemical high and applies normal psychotherapy (methods such as talk therapy and CBT) during this "feel good" feeling.


Active Therapy combines exercise with psychotherapy in a one on one session. This experience is like no other as it will drive the person to be motivated, goal-oriented and empowered while also creating healthy habits.


This psychological practice tackles challenges such as unhealthy behavioral patterns, anxiety issues while also enhancing body image issues like feeling overweight or nerdy. I focus this form of psychology toward working on the emotional issues as well as actual physical changes needed at the same time.


I find Active Therapy to be best used for pre-teens, teens or young adults who would benefit from a more stimulated session rather than sitting on an office couch. From using basketball, tennis, football, jogging, becoming proficient at an obstacles, these activities combined with talk therapy increases the chance for psychological methods to be successful while the mind and body are stimulated. 

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